Christmas Gift Wrapping

14 Nov 2017

This year, we have partnered with K9 Rescue and The Halo Team Mandurah to perfectly prepare your presents. In the spirit of giving, simply donate a gold coin per gift, and every gift under your tree will be sure to shine!

Christmas gift wrapping will be located near Kmart at the following times:

Monday, December 11: 10am-2pm
Tuesday, December 12: 10am-2pm
Wednesday, December 13: 10am-2pm
Thursday, December 14: 10am-6pm
Friday, December 15: 10am-2pm
Saturday, December 16: 10am-3pm
Sunday, December 17: 11am-2pm
Monday, December 18: 10am-4pm
Tuesday, December 19: 10am-4pm
Wednesday, December 20: 10am-4pm
Thursday, December 21: 10am-7pm
Friday, December 22: 10am-4pm
Saturday, December 23: 10am-4pm
Sunday, December 24: 10am-4pm