2015 Being Seen, Being Safe Launch

24 Sep 2015

25 September 2015

Halls Head Central & Mandurah Forum partner with South West Primary Schools foeing Seen, Being Safe Campaign

Halls Head Central and Mandurah Forum continue to spearhead the Being Seen, Being Safe community safety campaign as they announce their support of four local Peel schools across 2015/2016, aiming to see close to 1,500 children wear Being Seen, Being Safe vests to and from school.

South Halls Head Primary School, Mandurah Primary School, Greenfields Primary School and North Mandurah Primary School will receive support from the local shopping centres on the innovative safety project designed to keep young people safe on our roads by positively influencing driver behaviour and raising awareness of speed around schools.

On Friday 25 September, the first school to receive support will be South Halls Head Primary School, launching with a special school assembly. The local Mayor – Marina Vergone will be present as well as representatives from partnering organisations including WA Police and SDERA.

School children will also participate in a road safety workshop with SDERA mascot Izzy and WA Police will conduct a road safety pledge with students. 

Funds are being raised over 2015/2016 through loose coin donations via the centre money-spinners and contributions from the local community in order to provide school children within the Mandurah and Halls Head region with high visibility vests to wear as they travel to and from school.

South Halls Head Primary School Principal Jan Workman comments,

“We are proud to take part in the ‘Being Seen, Being Safe’ road safety initiative and are grateful that the centres have taken the initiative to work with the community and schools such as us to raise awareness of speed around schools, and ultimately influence positive road safety behaviour.”  

Centre Manager Nigel Haines adds, “Our shopping centres are in the heart of the Halls Head and Mandurah community and we’re pleased to play a role in helping spread this important community safety message.

“It’s a simple project that offers an incredibly beneficial outcome for the whole community and we hope to continually raise awareness and community support to ensure its viability and longevity,” Nigel continues. 

The 2015/16 Being Seen, Being Safe campaign is also supported by WA Police, SDERA and Roadwise and will see several activities take place on road safety education at the selected sponsored schools.

Federation Centres is investing $54 million into redeveloping Halls Head Central, which will open in early 2016.  As part of a completely new Halls Head experience the shopping centre will welcome one of Western Australia’s first Aldi stores, a brand new Coles and Kmart, a mini major and more than 55 specialty stores.

School Launch Dates (one per term)

  •    25 September 2015: South Halls Head Primary School 
  •    November 2015: Greenfields Primary School
  •    February/March 2016: Mandurah Primary School
  •    May 2016: North Mandurah Primary School.

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