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News| 27th June 2021
Your Retailer, Your Centre - Priceline
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Winter can be a tough time to take proper care of yourself

It’s nice to stay snuggled up at home when the weather gets colder, but it’s important to stay healthy and stay connected with friends and family. The team at Priceline Halls Head Central have all the know-how to help you get the right products to #staywell this winter.


Staying connected with the customers

Tenneille Sloan, Beauty Advisor at Priceline Halls Head Central, says that one of the best parts of her job is the connection she has with her customers.

“I like being able to engage more with the customers than simple chit-chat. The masterclasses and makeup lessons that we provide in-store allows me to get a deeper understanding of our customers and help them create the make-up look that is right for them.

“The centre is a great place to browse and relax in. There are always people chatting as they shop and plenty of my customers to say hi to while I shop. The feel is totally different to the larger centres.”

Staying connected with the staff

Tenneille says her job also lets her continue with her training.

“My background is in beauty therapy, so when the Beauty Advisor position came up at Priceline Halls Head, I jumped at the chance. Being able to see all the new products coming in and testing them out means we can help our customers select the right skincare products, no matter what stage of life they are in.”

Staying connected to boost your confidence

Priceline is a one-stop beauty shop that can help you with all your health needs. They have products to suit all their customers whether it’s for skincare, makeup or wellness.

“Many of our customers love coming in to learn the new techniques and latest trends,” says Tenneille. “We teach the makeover together with the customer so they get hands-on experience doing their own make-up and know exactly how to do it. Looking after your appearance helps to increase your confidence, and we can all appreciate a little boost.”

What are your favourite products at Priceline?

“My favourite skincare range is the Antipodes skincare range. It’s made of all-natural products but has clinically proven results. The fact that it has no toxins is a big draw for many of our customers.”

“My favourite product is the L'Oréal night serum. It’s such a nourishing feeling and actually makes my skin look healthy in the morning.”

Where is your favourite place to eat at Halls Head Centre?

“Jamaica Blue’s Eggs Benny every time! Perfect with a Chocolate Frappe”

Where are your favourite shops in Halls Head Central for a browse?

Miami Health Solutions and Dotti always have interesting new ranges coming in, so they are my regular go-to for a browse.”

What are your Top 3 products to help #staywell this winter?
  1. Blackmores Vitamin C. The human body doesn’t produce its own vitamin C and it can be hard to get enough in your diet, so taking a supplement will support your immunity and help maintain resistance to infection.
  2. Sambucol Cold & Flu Liquid. If you do start to get a little run down, this cough syrup helps your cough and the antioxidants from the elderberries to help strengthen your immune system.
  3. A facemask for a little bit of indulgence. There is such an amazing range, just have a chat with any of the girls in the team and we will make sure you get the right one for your skin.

Priceline has all the ways to keep you connected to what’s important to #staywell this winter.

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