Your Retailer, Your Centre - Dotti

News| 2nd June 2021
Your Retailer, Your Centre - Dotti
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From the moment you enter Dotti Halls Head, you feel like you are with friends.

Shelley Budd, Dotti’s Store Manager, greets everyone who comes in with welcoming words and the biggest smile.


Born and raised in the Mandurah area, Shelly loves working at Halls Head Central as it perfectly aligns with her own values and character.

“Halls Head Central is such a chilled place to work. Everyone is relaxed, with that beachside community feel,” says Shelley.

‘It’s a very laid-back vibe and we bring that into our store as well. Our staff have a good blend of personalities and we all genuinely care about our customers. We want everyone who comes in to feel good about themselves.”

Shelley shows this with her extensive knowledge of the entire Dotti range.

“Knowing our product line is key to being able to make sure the customers see what they came in for, but also we like to suggest other items they may not have considered before.”

In between helping customers with their choices, she is constantly engaging with everyone on a personal level; checking in on other family members, asking how their other purchases are working for them, even waving hello to passers-by in the centre.

“I like to connect with our customers, and I think this is reflected in our VIP list. Almost all our customers are already on it. VIP access means they know about our sales before we do!”

Shelley’s Favourite Things

Shelley seems to know so much about her customers, so here is your chance to get to know a bit about her.

Favourite Dotti item of all time?

“It has to be the Harper Jeans. The fit is so good, you could do a yoga class in them and feel comfortable.”

Favourite Dotti item for this season?

“We’ve just had some beautiful jackets come in. There are both lined and single-layer ones, depending on

how insulated you like to be.

A warm jacket like the Crombie Coat worn with the cropped Harper Jeans is a perfect outfit for early morning walks on the beach. Get your feet wet without getting your pants wet! And keep those cooler sea breezes at bay.”

Favourite Dotti customer stories?

“I always find it heart-warming when a particular lady comes in. She shops for herself and her mother and I know that her daughter comes in as well! Just shows there is something for everyone in our store.”

Favourite shops at Halls Head?

1. Just Jeans: “always on my “pop-in” list to see what new items they have.”

2. Priceline: “love all their beauty goodies.”

3. Thingz Gifts: “all their quirky items are so refreshing and inspiring.”

Favourite place in Halls Head Central for something to eat?

Zambrero is my permanent go-to. Their IQ range is the best! With this colder weather, their Burrito IQ hits the warming spot!”

Favourite days off activities?

“If I’m not doing my regular shopping at Halls head Central, I spend a lot of my time with friends and family down by the ocean. With the centre being so accessible, I know I can easily grab what I need and enjoy a sunset picnic along Halls Head Beach.”

Favourite Halls Head Community or Charity Group?

“Team Dotti Halls Head are coming together to raise money for Breast Cancer Research by taking part in Go Pink and dying our hair pink in June. This is very close to my heart as I’m supporting my Nana through her chemotherapy, and my mother also had breast cancer a few years ago. It’s something that affects so many families and we need to support each other in any way we can.

It would mean a lot to me and my team if anyone wanted to donate on our Team Page and we want all our Halls Head Community to come by the Dotti store in June and see our lovely Pink hair!”

Dotti is located between Just Jeans and Strandbags. Visit Shelly and her team for their warm welcome and expert help in choosing the right pieces for your wardrobe. Warm and well-dressed, ready for #acoolchange to a Halls Head Winter.

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