Free technology assistance sessions at Halls Head Central

News| 26th May 2022
Free technology assistance sessions at Halls Head Central
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We are excited to announce a new partnership with Youngster, offering free technology support sessions in Centre.

If you are having trouble with your technology, in particular phone apps, our team of Youngster support staff are here to help.

We are hosting free half hour sessions every Tuesday from 10am – 12noon and bookings are essential.

Date: Every Tuesday

Times: 10am – 12noon. Session times are 30 minutes long

Location: Community Corner- located next to Kmart at Halls Head Central

Cost: Free

How Can I Make a Booking?

There are a couple options for bookings:

  • Call our Customer Service desk on (08) 9523 7200
  • Visit Youngster and search for Halls Head Central

Is it safe?

Yes! Youngsters go through a variety of screening and training processes including a National Police Check and ethics training as part of their onboarding. Youngster monitor Elder and Youngster feedback ratings and provide avenues for complaints to be resolved. While there's always a small safety risk either way, the vast majority of sessions are positive and centred on contribution, support and helping each other.

Will my problem be solved?

Yes, the Youngsters solve the problem the first time in 98% of sessions. If they can't solve it, they will research it and get you the answer. Keep in mind, they are not specialised at solving highly technical problems, but they are great at general tech questions.

COVID Safety

Our sessions are run by Youngster. is registered as a covid safe business. The Youngster staff are fully vaccinated.

They follow the strict guidelines issued by national and state health authorities.

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